Jabberwocky Farm

Jabberwocky Farm


Jabberwocky Farm & Yarn Report.

Time passes swiftly at Jabberwocky Farm, and the seasonal rhythm of the farm continues

I would like to share with you some of the activities that are going on at Jabberwocky Farm.

Work continues fine tuning the passive geothermal stock water heating system. It consist of two 12 diameter PVC tubing going nine feet into the ground and the water tank sits on top of it. I am still fine tuning it and will have a complete information sheet on it after I record and track the results. The results so far have been promising. The temperature at the bottom of the nine foot holes has consistently stayed at 40.75 degrees even though the outside temp range at 8 AM has been anywhere from 27 to 6 degrees Fahrenheit. It is my hope that this passive heating system can trim $30.00 a month off of my electrical bill. This coming winter I plan on insulating with a closed cell foam in hopes that it will eliminate any cold from filtering into the underneath side.

Many of you have been waiting for a for real order page for the Goat Milk Soap and Lotion. It is in the works. Where is the time to do it? I will keep trying!

Yes, time is measured by days, weeks, months. Time is spent in the cycle of living. The living is the moments and events in our lives. It is what makes the time remarkable .


From the cashmere goats, alpacas, the most vigilant guardian dogs and llamas, and Susanne

Cashmere...Any Reason...For all Seasons

Redbird Designs At Jabberwocky Farm

Jabberwocky Farm, Guffey Colorado is where it all begins. We are going into our 15th year of raising and breeding cashmere goats. Our cashmere herd is nurtured, loved, combed out yearly. Then the cashmere is commercially spun into yarn and cashmere yarn blends. The yarn comes in a 2 & 3 ply weight. Natural colors are off white, rich taupe and sterling gray. Hand dyed skeins are also available. Cashmere yarn kits, and spinner's roving complete our yarn line. To keep the fiber artisans and other hard working people's hands soft and happy, we have goat milk soap and lotion available. Our soaps and goat milk lotions are produced at our farm from the milk of our goats.